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Commonly Asked Questions:

I sent you an email last week but did not get a reply, what's going on?

We apologize for delays. We try responding to all messages on a timely manner but we occasionally get overwhelmed; between our website, eBay, Amazon, and all our social media pages, we receive over a hundred inquiries a week. Also, some health issues have complicated things lately. If you don't hear back after a few days, please write again.

I've seen you (Mike Fulop) at comic-cons and other fan-related type conventions assisting celebrities, is that your new job? No more collecting autographs?

Thanks for recognizing me. Along with running Autographs Depot, I also book conventions, work as an agent or assistant for celebrities and other agents, and also do many of my private signings at conventions. I work with hundreds of celebrities and agents providing them with the best pictures, posters, and banners for their appearances. I do still collect autographs in the real world, just not as often.

I'm interested in purchasing one of your autographed items, I saw it available here, and also in your eBay and Amazon stores, where should I purchase it? Are all transactions safe?

They are all 100% safe, so it's up to you. In all honesty, I lose less money on fees if you purchase items here but the costumer runs the show. All transactions are secure, encrypted, and insured. Payments through PayPal are also insured and your credit card information is kept private (even from us), as long as you provide a verified address for delivery.

How can I pay?

Here, in our online store, you can pay by PayPal and Stripe, both services allow you to safely use any credit card or even Apple Pay. By mail, we also accept payments by check, money order, or cash (if we know you). Since eBay own PayPal, they prefer payments by PayPal. Amazon uses a multitude of payment options. All transactions are encrypted and insured.

Is your complete inventory listed here, eBay, or Amazon?

No, we're constantly obtaining new items and regularly conducting new private signings. We try updating our online store on a weekly basis. We also have thousands of items in storage that haven't been photographed and listed -- if you're searching for a particular item please let us know.

How do I know the autographs you offer are really authentic? Why should I trust Autographs Depot ?

That's a common and very understandable question. Look, the most honest way we can answer that question is by stating that you, the buyer, should do an extensive research on us, the seller, and make your informed decision. We can proceed to tell you a million reasons why you should trust and buy from us, but, of course, that's exactly what you would expect us to say. Please spend some time in our Authentication Pictures and Authentication Videos pages, there you can view over 20.000 pictures and thousands of videos of numerous celebrities signing (many on which you can see the exact items we offer being signed). In addition to all that, we have been a premiere top-rated eBay Powerseller member since early '99, under the same account and with consistent outstanding feedback rating. This our badge as of December 2015:

Do you have pictures or videos of all items being signed?

By our estimate, we have photographic evidence of about 85% of all items being signed (which is extraordinary and unheard in the autograph business). We've been taking these "proof" pictures since the late 90's back we had to fumble with film cameras and the infamous disposable cameras -- long before the convinience of digital cameras and iPhones! Keep in mind that we (again, "we" is figurative, the whole business is run by one person: Mike Fulop) mostly work alone and rarely have assistance, it's just not humanly possible to take pictures or video of every single item being signed (specially when obtaining autographs on the outside world), we do our best. We believe that our vast archive of pictures and videos do provide another level of provenance to all our items -- Seeing is believing in this business:  

Can I have a large non-watermarked copy of one of your pictures or videos?

No, we don't include those with purchase. We don't like sharing my pictures or videos because we occasionally sell them to photography or paparazzi sites. Also, we don't want our pictures or videos being used to sell forgeries in other sites. Our COA (included with all purchases), will show a smaller version of the signing picture (shown below).

Do you offer a Certificate Of Authenticity with your items?

Yes, all buyers will receive Autographs Depot's exclusive Certificate Of Authenticity, that will feature a picture of the item and a photo of the celebrity signing the item. Here are a couple samples of our COA:

Why don't you get all your items authenticated by a third party, like PSA/DNA or Beckett, per example?

We do occasionally use authentication companies (some verified items are currently for sale), but please keep in mind that would be impossible to have all our inventory done though, we have literally hundreds of thousands of items and even by PSA/DNA, Beckett, or JSA cheapest wholesale rates, it would not be financially feasible. Also, we recognize that many serious collectors and regular costumers don't like authentication companies and won't buy items that have been authenticated (they specially don't want any stickers on their items). Our personal opinion on the matter rests somewhere in the middle; sure, these authentication companies tend to filter-out the obvious and obnoxious forgeries, but everything else is hit or miss, they tend to be ill informed on celebrity autographs (which we specialize in). Overall, we believe PSA/DNA, Beckett, JSA are great companies and mean well, but they have a very tough job and mistakes happen too often -- and sometimes those mistakes tend to tarnish the reputation of good and honest people. If you're a new collector take the time to carefully research all the authentication companies; read reviews, check their Better Business Bureau rating, watch YouTube videos, etc. It is your money and collection at stake.

Do your items come with a lifetime guarantee to pass third party authentication?

Yes, but since a lifetime is a very long time and we cannot predict how reliable or competent third party authentication companies will be 20 years from now, certain conditions will be determined on a case by case manner under our discretion. Why? Well, because they make mistakes sometimes.

To illustrate how unscientific the authentication method of those third-parties are, here are two examples: 


Here's an unbiased and very thorough article from the Miami Times on the subject:

Autograph Fakery: Two Firms Monopolize a Lucrative Business


A good article and discussion from Autograph Magazine about one of the most dispised forgers in the business:

The Las Vegas Forgers

May I contact you directly? I want to send pictures of an item and get your opinion on the authenticity of the signature, what is your email address?

Of course, our email address is: -- We'll gladly offer our educated opinion on the authenticity of any signature, we have over two decades of experience in the business. However, please keep in mind that we don't charge anything for this service but also don't provide any legal documents stating our opinion either way (there are specialized companies that sell those services), we are happy to help fellow collectors as long as our schedule allows it.

I've seen similar items in other sites for less, why are your items more expensive?

We are not a bargain service, every autographed item is fairly priced based in our opinion, experience, rarity and quality of the signature, and scarcity of the item. We offer premium items and rare signatures (many that you won't find anywhere else), our research, time (obtaining the signatures and running the business professionally), unique high-quality images, photo lab bills, travel expenses, etc.; do add up and are reflected in the prices. Please do not write us to offer your opinion on our prices, you are free to buy a cheap fake signature someplace else. Keep in mind that Autographs Depot is basically a club for serious collectors, we will only sell items to good people who we enjoy dealing and collecting with.

Remember: We have zero tolerance for trolls or unpleasant people, so if you're rude or unreasonable... 

Autograph Nazi.jpg
Are your photographs printed in real photo labs?

Yes, all photos are printed in professional labs on actual photo paper. We prefer printing in matte or luster finish to avoid any damage while in process of obtaining the signatures and storage, although the older photographs in our inventory tend to be glossy. We do NOT work with home computer printouts (they don't last) or "blank sheets" prints (blank home printer photo paper that was signed and then later had an image printed on top), in our opinion those are low quality items.

I like the quality of your photographs, can I buy unsigned copies from you?

It can be occasionally arranged if time is not an issue. Please write us and we'll discuss the matter.

I want to sell collection of autographs, do you want to buy them?

In most cases the answer is no, occasionally we will purchase very unique items from reputable collectors, auction houses, and even directly from celebrities. We specialize on selling autographs obtained in-person by us. We do like collecting signed contracts or checks of old-Hollywood stars, if you have any of those for sale please let us know.

Did Autographs Depot have a different name years ago?

Yes, when we first started selling on eBay in June '99, the business was called "Mindhunter" (based on a book that, I, Mike  Fulop happen to be reading at the time). About a decade later we adopted the name "Autographs Depot" to fit the company better.

Do you have a physical brick-and-mortar store?

No, we are exclusively an online business.

What is your return policy?

If unsatisfied with purchase, costumer has up to 14 days to safely return the item(s) in the EXACT same condition it was first received. Reasoning for return must be approved beforehand, please don't send item back without contacting us first. Buyer is responsible for return postage cost (unless we committed the error).

Are the measurements of your items in inches?

Yes, we're based in the USA and inches are the norm. We mostly deal with photographs and enlargements; e.g. 8x10 inches, 11x14 inches, and 16x20 inches. Save our size chart for easy measurement comparison purposes: 

Autographs Depot Size Chart.jpg